The New Edition

For several years now, a large team has been working on a new edition of Sichos Kodesh. They have checked through dozens of private collections to reveal many Sichos never yet published. Different versions of transcripts have been compared also with tapes (when available) to arrive at the best and fullest text. And the team […]

How They Become Yours

As of Chodesh Tishrei 5783, Thirty Five books have been published, in beautifully clear print and handsome binding. The entire new series is projected to total about 70 volumes. Registration to the Project is either online or with the project distributors at the Chabad-Lubavitch communities worldwide. The only way to join this project is true a unique participation program […]

Obligatory for Every Home

The Torah’s “measure is longer than the earth, and wider than the ocean.” That sums up our Rebbe’s Torah teachings. For over 42 years we had the privilege of hearing his Farbrengens, Maamorim and Sichos which together comprise a vast library adorning every home. Generally speaking, the Sichos can be divided into two categories: obviously, […]

Seforim that are Already Printed

• First Sefer – $100 • 1 Book, Vol. 1 • Year 5710 (1950) • Second Group – $100 • 4 Books, Vol. 2-5 • Years 5711-5714 (1951-1954) = 5 • Third Group – $50 • 5 Books, Vol. 6 & 46-49 • Years 5715, 5738 (1955, 1978) = 10 • Fourth Group – $50• […]