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35,000 Pages of Sichos

The Rebbe’s Sichos of the last decade or so have been published in orderly form, in the two series known as Hisvaaduyos and Sefer HaSichos. In earlier years, however, transcription and distribution of the Sichos were not well-organized, and most were just typewritten and mimeographed. There were no organized teams working on them, so the style and form were not uniform, and they appeared irregularly.

A few years ago, the first multi-volume set of “Sichos Kodesh” was published, including all existing transcripts of Sichos of the years 5710-5741 (1950-1981), mostly in their original form and in Yiddish. This was the largest collection of the Rebbe’s Torah teachings to date, including the overwhelming majority of his Sichos. However, many parts were difficult to read and understand, and many Sichos were missing.


The New Edition


For several years now, a large team has been working on a new edition of Sichos Kodesh. They have checked through dozens of private collections to reveal many Sichos never yet published.

Different versions of transcripts have been compared also with tapes (when available) to arrive at the best and fullest text. And the team has added source-references for quotes, where necessary.

For the first time, various diaries written by students about events in the life of the Rebbe and 770 have been culled for material. Every possible source has been located, checked and recorded in the growing collection. We have had the assistance of experts in this field who were privileged to receive many instructions from the Rebbe MHM about editing and publication.



As of Chosdesh Tishrei 5781, Thirty books have been published, in beautifully clear print and handsome binding. The entire new series is projected to total about 60 volumes.

Registration to the Project is either online [link] or with the project distributers at the Chabad-Lubavitch communities worldwide.

The only way to join this project is true a unique participation program and registering in advance.

Following accepted practice in such an ambitious series, and in order to enable as many participants as possible to join, publication will be in several phases.

How to participate? Register online (link) to become an active participant, while you support this valuable project financially, you’ll receive the 30 published volumes. Instalments of payments for each group of books will be made as new books are published. One and final instalment will be paid as you receive the final volume of the set, estimated at 60 volumes in total. To give the opportunity to as many people as possible to join, we have decided to reopen registration for the project to the public, right now the final payment should be capped at $800. To be clear, the entire set for participates not exceed $800 for the entire set!

This is the only way you can purchase the set. No sets or individual volumes will be sold in stores. Only a limited number of subscriptions are available at this price.

Obligatory for Every Home

The Torah’s “measure is longer than the earth, and wider than the ocean.” That sums up our Rebbe’s Torah teachings. For over 42 years we had the privilege of hearing his Farbrengens, Maamorim and Sichos which together comprise a vast library adorning every home.

Generally speaking, the Sichos can be divided into two categories:

  1. a) The multi-volume sets of Likkutei Sichos and Sefer Hasichos were gathered from the Rebbe’s Sichos of various occasions and reworked on the basis of subjects connected with the weekly Torah-portions or holidays of the year. for this reason, in the course of editing, certain subjects mentioned in the original Sichos were omitted. Later the Rebbe them checked over, often making changes and adding new notes and material.
  2. b) The sets of Sichos Kodesh and Hisvaaduyos transcribe the subjects in their original order as the Rebbe said them, with minimum reworking of his words, taking care to remain as faithful as possible to his unique style. In these Sichos, one senses each Farbrengen’s special atmosphere, perceiving the sensitive nuances of the Rebbe’s words, and reliving those wonderful eternal moments!

obviously, nothing can match “words written in the name of the king and sealed by the king’s signet-ring” – the Sichos published in Likkutei Sichos and Sefer HaSichos which the Rebbe himself edited for publication. These are the Rebbe’s “Written Torah” which we must study in depth in order to fathom their boundless profundity. On the other hand, there is no substitute for the experience of the Rebbe’s Farbrengen, for the flow and arrangement of the subjects as the Rebbe chose to express them publicly, when he was originally “bringing them down” into the world.

Many Farbrengens that were taped and videoed include Sichos and Maamorim later edited by the Rebbe. Although there is a tremendous advantage to studying them as a text, yet hearing them is like experiencing the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai!

The series of “Sichos Kodesh” now in process of preparation is an attempt to present every Farbrengen before the readers, spreading it out from beginning to end, including not only the Sichos but even the melodies sung, with special expressions and incidents. Reading this series allows us to “live with the Rebbe” – almost to be present at the Farbrengen itself…

The new edition of Sichos Kodesh represents a real “Pidyon Shvuyim” – liberation of “captives.” Until now the Sichos of the historic first thirty years of the Rebbe’s leadership have been a rich treasure to which only few have had access. With the new edition, the whole set can now become the treasured possession of every Jew.

Vaad Sichot Kodesh with an encouragement of the Chabad World Center to Greet Moshiach considers it a great privilege and obligation to publish these Sichos as a close preparation for dissemination of the “new Torah teachings” from the mouth of our Righteous Moshiach, the Rebbe, when he will be revealed before the eyes of all, literally immediately.

Whoever does this more quickly is praiseworthy

Every man, woman and child should make a similar acquisition by bringing into a library etc. new Torah books in addition to those he has had till now, for surely his home has been full of Torah books before now, too.

And whoever does this more quickly is praiseworthy – by making resolutions about this already now, and by fulfilling them as soon as possible, including by ordering in advance (for payment) as a subscriber to receive new Torah works being published (as this is called in many books ’prenumerants’ – advance subscribers).

Sicha of Shabbos Vayigash, 6 Teves, 5752, edited by the Rebbe MHM


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You can enhance this project by providing any private transcripts of the words of the Rebbe MHM that you or your family members ever wrote or obtained, especially from the years 5720 to 5735. Let us know if you are aware of someone who has materials such as hanochos or tapes from those year. All these can be most helpful for the success of the project. Please contact us now about any such material. 

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May we all very soon hear the new Torah teachings and Sichos Kodesh from the mouth of our Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach! Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu V’Rabbeinu Melech HaMoshiach L’olom Vo’ed!